How does the new affiliate/referrals system work?

In early August 2020, CSGO500 updated the old referral system.

Chosen referral codes remain unchanged and everyone can earn 500 BUX by claiming a code again.

Additional changes to the system are outlined below:

  • Code reward is now 500 BUX, instead of 1000 BUX.
  • Code owners now receive a % commission based on their affiliate's bets, instead of fixed 50 BUX per referred user
  • Code owners can make use of links like or┬áin order to share their codes

Affiliate Tiers & Commissions

The commission is a fixed percentage from the house edge for the bets your affiliate is placing.

  • Wheel of Fortune has the house edge set to 5%
  • Duels have the house edge set to 5%
  • Crash has the house edge set to 3%
  • Matchbetting has the house edge set to 3%
  • Classic Roulette has the house edge set to 5%
  • Casino Games are individually treated based on their RTP. Games with over 97% RTP do not generate affiliate revenue

Your Affiliate Tier grows as you generate more revenue:

  • Tier 1- Up to 500K BUX (10%)
  • Tier 2- 500K-1M BUX (15%)
  • Tier 3- 1M-5M BUX (20%)
  • Tier 4- 5-10M BUX (25%)
  • Tier 5- 10M+ BUX (30%)

Starting late September 2020, we granted the same 30% commission to all accounts as part of a promotional campaign. The promotion is ongoing and currently there are no plans for ending it.

For example, if your commission is 30% and you refer a friend that plays 1M BUX on the Wheel of Fortune, your affiliate revenue for that would be 30% x 5% x 1M = 15.000 BUX.


  • Only users that have a deposit completed and rewards unlocked are eligible to generate affiliate revenue;
  • If at the time of claiming a code, the user has been already active on the website within the last 3 months (minus the most recent 48 hours), he won't be eligible to generate affiliate revenue; the 48 hours grace period is there to make sure that someone you refer that deposits first or plays with free rewards and THEN uses your code will also be attributed to you properly.
  • If an inactive user (no bets in the last 3 months) clicks an affiliate link and becomes active again, we will attribute that user to that affiliate, even though the user will not receive an additional reward
  • You need to generate at least 100 BUX in affiliate revenue in order to claim them
  • The affiliate revenue is awarded at the time of the bet and is rounded down, minimum reward being 1 BUX. This means that if your affiliate is placing extremely small bets, it probably won't generate any revenue for those bets

You can find a brief overview of your account in the Affiliate Dashboard. If you need additional help, create a ticket.

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