How did the daily rewards and user levels change with XP?

In late July 2020, we changed our old user levels and daily rewards system to an XP-based progression.

All levels and daily rewards have been re-calculated to account for these new changes. Here is a brief rundown of what changed:

  • Base level XP is now 10.000 instead of 50.000.
  • Level advance requirement is x1.009 compounded. Level 1 requires 10.000 total XP, Level 2 requires 20090 total XP, Level 3 requires 30272 total XP, and so on.
  • Daily Reward formula is now 25 BUX + 3 BUX per level, instead of 25 BUX + 2 BUX per level
  • Rewards are now uncapped. Levels 500 and 999 no longer get the same reward. The bigger your level, the bigger your base daily reward.
  • Users can claim their daily reward up to 4 times a day, every 6 hours, instead of once every 24 hours; users will spin a minified version of the Wheel of Fortune for a chance to increase their reward up to 100x.
  • Each level has a weekly target deposit and wager value (7x/70x the base daily reward). If users don't meet this target, they will only be able to claim 50% of their base reward.
  • Chat level access is now Level 50  (~650.000 XP) instead of Level 10
  • Users need to be at least Level 5 to withdraw instead of Level 1
  • Users receive free spins as a reward for leveling up, according to their level. The higher the level, the bigger the amount of free spins you receive. You need to spend any available free spins before claiming your regular free reward.

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