• Can I become a moderator or a support agent?

    We are currently fully staffed so you can't apply to become a chat mod or a support agent.  Generally when there's a job opening, we'll post on social media trying to raise attention and gather applicants. Note: Please be aware of impersonators. No real admin or mod will add you on Steam and a...
  • Can I become VIP?

    VIP is an exclusive status that only our most loyal users achieve. All VIP Program advantages are outlined on our descriptive page. Collect XP to Level Up and gain access to game-changing rewards.
  • Can I get a sponsorship?

    We don't handle Sponsorships on request, sorry. If we are interested in a sponsorship and if you're a valid influencer in your market, we will contact you directly. However, please notice our rewarding affiliate system that can create a stream of passive revenue for you if you refer new users t...
  • Do you have a Discord server?

    Yes. You can find the Discord logo on the social media bar under CSGO500 logo, just above the chat. Click on it to join our Discord. Alternatively, you can use this link to join the server directly.
  • I'm concerned about playing too much - What should I do?

    It's important to be in total control of your actions when playing on CSGO500. That's why you should set yourself reasonable limits and never play more than you should. If at any time you feel like you're overstepping your boundaries or you're out of control, please get in touch with us and we...
  • Some user sent me BUX. Do I need to wager them?

    No. Your received BUX are not subject to any wagering limitations.
  • There was such an awesome giveaway/special event and I didn't know about it!

    We encourage you to follow us on Twitter and to keep an eye on Discord's #Announcements channel, so you always know about changes and updates we introduce to CSGO500, and of course about special events and giveaways. Additionally, you should subscribe to our Blog. All major events and promotions ...
  • Where can I see the site rules and Terms of Service?

    Please visit our Terms of Service page for the latest version of our rules.