• Can I get a refund if the match has been postponed?

    Yes. Create a ticket about it and we'll refund that bet for you. If the bet is part of a combo bet, the proportionate amount of BUX from the combo bet will be refunded. If you want to just wait it out and wait for the game to be played, no action is required on your part.
  • Guide to Matchbetting

    This article explains the most common terms used when it comes to matchbetting. Handicap Bets A handicap bet provides one team with a specific round/maps disadvantage (e.g. -0.5, -1, or +1.5). This makes matches with a superior team more equal and interesting for the bettor. Example: Rounds Ha...
  • How does Matchbetting work?

    You can learn the details of this game mode by clicking on the Info button on the Matchbetting page. You can bet in multiple games at once, with no restriction, single markets or combo betting. Minimum bet value is 1.000 Bux. Maximum win limits may be applied on a case by case basis. All bets ar...
  • What are the limits for matchbetting?

    Matchbetting limits are monitored constantly and are subject to change at any time. New accounts may get lower limits until their betting history has been analyzed. We are classifying matches and tournaments based on tiers. The higher the tournament tier, the bigger the win limit for that match....
  • Why can't I bet on Live match X?

    Not all matches allow live betting. Certain matches will have betting closed when the game starts. To see if a match offers live betting or not, look for the green "LIVE BETTING" badge on it.
  • Why is my match bet under review?

    Our algorithm reviews certain flagged bets in order to make sure everything was fine when the bet was placed (if the odds were correct, if the result wasn't already known, etc). If your bet is under review, please wait patiently until a decision has been made.