• Can I team up with a friend in Duels?

    Yes. However, you are taking the trust away from our service and putting your trust in the hands of your friend. Friends can be deceiving especially when value is involved. We advise against it, and we can't help you out if you end up getting scammed.
  • How can I play Duels versus bots? How can I know that they're fair?

    Duel creators have the possibility of pressing an "ADD BOT" button on their duels in order to play versus official CSGO500 bots. Duels are provably fairĀ and no one knows the outcome of the rounds. After everyone joins, we randomly pick an unmined EOS block from the very near future and use it...
  • What is the Duels rake?

    We deduct a 5% rake from the total balance of the duel winner. If a duel doesn't end or is refunded, no rake will be collected.