• Can I ask people in chat to buy my skins in P2P shop?

    Yes, but please don't spam it and never post it outside the Trading Chat. Use common sense. There is also a special channel in our Discord server that you can use.
  • How can I check which items are listed for sale by an user I see in the chat?

    Click on the user's avatar in chat to see which items he has listed in P2P shop.
  • How can I donate BUX to users in chat?

    Please click on the red gear button, which appears when you hover your mouse cursor over the nickname in chat. Select "Send Bux to" option. This will automatically fill the command. All that's left to do now is to enter the amount of BUX you wish to send and confirm. Note: All BUX operations n...
  • How can I get access to the chat?

    With the old Levels & Daily rewards system, users get access to the chat when they are Level 10 (500.000 BUX wagered). With the new XP system, users get access to the chat when they are Level 50 (~600.000 XP obtained) These limitations may change with time.
  • I got muted and cannot use the chat. Why?

    You most likely have broken some chat rules. If you think you were wrongfully muted, you can contact our support and report the issue. Our moderators are trying their best, but we're all only humans and misunderstandings can happen. It would be best if you provide the screenshots documenting t...
  • What are the chat rules?

    Use common sense. No begging, no spamming, no swearing, no spoiling, no advertising without permission. Also, don't forget that advertising your items and listings is permitted only in the Trading chat. You should also refrain from posting links and keep the chat civil. Being very vulgar or  of...